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Times Group vice-chairman Samir Jain on Thursday made an impassioned speech at the Times Now Summit dwelling on the important aspects of India’s growth journey and its rising popularity across the globe. Here is the full text of his speech.
“Andhera chhatega, sooraj niklega, kamal khilega,” … When our great celebrated poet Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayeeji had recited these lines our respected Amit Shah was beginning his journey in politics.
Our energetic Amit bhai, full of high energy, has today ensured that the Lotus has blossomed in 28 states.
I thank you from the core of my heart for gracing this occasion of Times Now summit. Summit which means peak. All of you are welcome. After meeting you, one felt the stregth of your resolve. The realisation came that success does not come in one day, but it surely comes one day. That day is today. That time is now. Times Now.
Today, every Indian is a proof of India’s talent, influence and resolve and also of India’s labour and hard work. Every Indian is learning to live his life with enthusiasm, vigour and joy.
From the time Modiji used “the alliteration” at the launch of INS Vikrant, it has echoed throughout the country. Today, it’s a resolve that Times Now, in today’s time, welcomes you with enthusiasm, vigour and joy and with a firm resolution.
Let’s together reflect on the many achievements of Amit Bhai. We will relaise that Amit Bhai by virtue of being a home minister has handled India just like a “home” – just as in an ideal family – which has children, aged, unemployed and also some employed – all are respected and treated equally. This is an ideal family, and sign of an ideal country.
Amit Bhai has handled our home peacefully and with anekantavada, which is the pivot of Jain Dharma and holds that all viewpoints are correct, all are separate viewpoints, there is space for all views to coexist – this is the basis of non-violence in Jain Dharma.
Just like in a home, in country, in politics there are divergent view points – some support dynasty others oppose it, some support nationalism some oppose it, some believe in dialogue some don’t – it is the midst of these divergent viewpoints that a home or a country marches forward. The aim of our life is free speech. Every where, every language and every view point are its manifestations.
Just like the boundaries of Akhand Bharat was from Bali to Afghanistan. If you go to Bali and ask in hotels what are the tourist destinations here, they will send you to Mysore temples. In Bali, there are temples of all Gods and Goddess – but there is a little difference in their forms and some small rituals. But the pooja and Gods and Goddess are the same. This is a unique fact. Afghanistan you all know had statues of Bamyan Buddha.
So our country, that was Akhand Bharat and had become historic, it should now emerge in a new form. I request you that a Maha Akhand Bharat should be built under your and PM’s leadership.
When we visit foreign countries, in colleges, in temples, in homes India’s culture, courses of our scriptures, our cultural songs, our dances and our ayurvedic food are very common. Our ancient scriptures are also popular in these countries. There is increase in spiritual discourse. Gita, Ashtavakra, Yog Vashisht, Patanjali Sutra these are being taught in many colleges. I have seen that there is an increse in this trend. This is our influence, the spread of the culture of our Maha Akhand Bharat.
Honourable home minister you want that study of medical education should be in all Indian languages. You said that we can express ourselves best in our mother tongue, we can learn and teach the best in our mother tongue. You said we should be ashamed of depending on English. Yes true that is also a language, but we should not become dependent on it. We should not go under it, not get used to it. We should be proud of the 14,15,16 languages of India and course as difficult as medical should be taught in all languages.
You will be happy to know that courses on naturopathy, yoga and dhyan are popular at the prestigious Mayo college hospital near Chicago in America.
Indian doctors at the hospital conduct special classes on dhyaan for patients and interestingly every participant pays 1000 dollars for sessions to learn Dhyaan. This is the extent to which our influence is spreading.
When Prime Minister told Russia that this is not an era of war, it was his style to ensure how a foreigner understands this. India has believd in the tradition that there is no era for war, not just that this is not an era of war. India has never supported aggression, but when we were attacked than even Lord Krishna told Arjuna that you should respond to aggression. But neither India nor Lord Krishna ever preached aggression, that is why in England they called it war ministry and we call it defence ministry.
I feel that the home minister should consider the name of peace ministry because this will ensure the spread of peace in every house and eventually this will lead to peace in the world.
There is no path to peace, peace is the path.
It is not that without war no peace! peace is the path.
This is not the time of Mahabharat, Akhand Bharat is history, this is the time of Maha Akhand Bharat. This word Maha is unique. England resolved 400 years back that we will rule the world. I googled to find out that they added the word “great”. Great … One small country of the size of Bihar, which has only 7% of land compared to India, made its influence across the world for 400 years just with a very strong resolve. Till the last century, it was England’s influence. But this century will be India’s century because we have not used violence to win over the world. We have resolved to influence the world by preaching and demonstrating non violence, by our culture, by our religion, by our work ethics, which was given a new dimension by Modiji when he changed the name of Raj Path to Kartavya Path.

This principle of non-violence has been there for three thousand years. You will not find any scripture. You will see three-year-old children fighting with each other, pushing each other. So I see that violence is a basic nature of human beings before their development, growth. Read Patanjali, read Dharma Sutra, see Yog Vashisht … every scripture preaches non violence. One who wins after a fight or one who wins in self-defence is called a Veer, but one who does not indulge in violence, spreads message of peace and non-violence using dialogue is called a Mahaveer. So look at the differnce of Veer and Mahaveer. Our Mahaveer is now taking incarnation in the form of unique Ram-Lakhan duo of Prime Minister and honourable Amit Shah.

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