Tiger that terrorised Asifabad crosses into Maha

HYDERABAD: The tiger, which killed a tribal farmer in Asifabad district 10 days ago and has kept villagers on tenterhooks, is believed to have crossed into neighbouring Maharashtra.
The male tiger is now believed to have ventured into Aheri forest area in Gadchiroli district in Maharashtra as its pugmarks were detected in the area. People of nearly 35 villages have been living on the edge ever since the wild cat mauled 69-year-old Sidam Bheem to death and killed cattle and sheep, spreading fear among the villagers.
On the advice of forest officials, the villagers were venturing into their fields only after 10 am and returning home by 4 pm and moving only in groups.
Bheem of Chowpanguda was picking cotton when the tiger attacked him on November 15. The body of the farmer was found in the vicinity even as it escaped into the nearby hills.
Since the tiger’s arrival in Asifabad forests, officials installed camera traps to track its movements. Initially, it was believed that it could have been a leopard as no tiger had been seen in the area but forest officials later confirmed through the pugmarks that it was a tiger.

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