Phone harassments on rise in Cyberabad

HYDERABAD: Harassment over phone, blackmailing and cheating on the promise of marriage appear to be major issues for women in the Cyberabad, with nearly hundred of these complaints being lodged with the Cyberabad She Team in November.
Out of 98 petitions received, 33 pertained to phone harassment, while there were 14 complaints of blackmailing. Twelve women complained they were cheated in the name of marriage, while the rest complained of stalking and threatening. Out of 126 persons, who were made respondents in different cases dealt by the SHE Teams, 20 of them were minors. Cyberabad police booked 4 FIRs and 25 petty cases.
In one of the four FIRs, a woman residing in Balanagar, approached police alleging that a man blackmailed her claiming that he has her private photos and he will defame her. He forced her to attend video calls in the absence of her husband. Police officials nabbed him after the accused barged into her house when her husband was not at home.

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