Other HCA office-bearers in the dark about ticket sales, match, says HCA V-P


Hyderabad Cricket Association vice-president K. John Manoj informed that except the secretary, none from his group were involved in the preparations for the third and final T-20 international match between India and Australia at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium here on September 25.

“Normally, the entire executive committee (earlier) or the apex council has to take a call before tying up with any vendor about the sale of tickets. Then, we inform the media giving complete details of the number of counters set up in four zones covering the entire twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad,” Mr. Manoj said.

“Unfortunately, this time it has not happened and it looks like no procedure has been followed. And nobody in the HCA seems to be aware about the exact schedule of sale of tickets before suddenly it comes in the media through a brief release,” the HCA official said.

“It is obvious that the HCA is now a one-man show which has no respect for the members who have been serving the association for years now and experienced in organising many international matches,” Mr. Manoj said.

“All we hope is for the match to go on smoothly, after all, association comes, not the individuals. We wonder how it is possible if the president depends on one or two staff members,” he concluded.

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