Dear Bachi, why do parents choose our lives’ paths?

Dear Bachi,

Why do parents have to decide the courses of our life? I foolishly obeyed when my parents insisted I take up architecture. Though I passed, I was hopeless at the job.

So I did my MBA hoping to get out of this mess. I’m still in it. Not liking it even though this was my choice. Or was I just trying to prove a point to God know whom? Should I start my own business? Now I am quite FOMO. Seeing that I’m still drifting at 29, when my friends are all settled in life.

-Off Course

Dear Off Course,

What’s wrong with you? Stop passing the buck, and pull yourself together instead of running from one professional course to another like a headless chicken.

You are certainly sounding bird-brained.

If you haven’t been able to get anything right so far, what makes you think you’ll be able to manage a business of your own? It seems like just another excuse not to get serious about earning a living. Pull up your socks and get down to standing on your own feet.

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